Amgueddfa Treftadaeth Swtan


Swtan Cottage is now OPEN for the summer season - from Whitsun weekend to the end of September, as follows :

Monday : 12 - 4pm (depending on volunteers)
Tuesday : CLOSED
Wednesday : 12 - 4pm (depending on volunteers)
Thursday : 12 - 4pm
Friday : 12 - 4pm
Saturday : 12 - 4pm
Sunday : 12 - 4pm (depending on volunteers )

The Cottage relies on volunteers to help with opening on some days (see above) and we apologise if there are none available.

Our herb garden and orchard are accessible - and picnic tables are available.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Any donation that you may wish to make, towards upkeep, should be left in the collecting box, and will be very gratefully received by Cyfeillion Swtan (friends of Swtan)

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