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Nantgwrtheyrn Apple (History)

Nantgwrtheyrn on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales was an isolated quarry community, accessible only by sea. A delightful small russet eating apple, with a fascinating fennel flavour was found growing in the remains of the Quarry Master’s garden. Although over 100 years old, the battered old tree still produced sound fruit. The once derelict buildings of Nantgwrtheyrn are now restored to provide a Welsh Language and Heritage Centre.

Anglesey Pig Snout Apple

A large green cooking apple, long grown on Anglesey. First recorded in the 1600’s it is named because of its unique shape. It cooks to a robustly flavoured, slightly perfumed puree, needing only a little additional sugar. Ideal for pies. Wrapped in pastry and then baked, it was often eaten as dumplings in the field by agricultural labourers.

Bardsey Island Apple (History)

Bardsey Island is a lonely windswept island off the tip of the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. It has long been a venue for pilgrims both Pagan and later on Christian.

A single gnarled old tree was discovered near the remains of a 13th century Abbey in 1999. Hailed as the “rarest tree in the world” it is perhaps all that remains of the monastic orchard. It is the only apple variety from the Celtic Welsh heartland. On the island both the tree and the fruit are completely disease free.

Diamond Apple (History)

In the 1820’s, The Diamond was the fastest ship on the Atlantic. On the night of the 2nd January 1825, Captain Macey misjudged the approach into Liverpool and the ship was wrecked on Sarn Padrig, an under sea reef in Cardigan Bay. The cargo of premium apples was washed ashore. Seedlings from these fruit evidently gave rise to the famous orchard of Dyffryn Ardudwy. Diamond apples were especially popular in the Barmouth market in the 1850’s.

Two local men were returning with their fortunes from the American gold rush – one drowned – dragged to his doom by his gold. His friend threw his gold into the sea and was saved, only to die a pauper in Caernarfon town. Local folk say that American gold can still be found on the nearby beach.

Afal Ynys Enlli

Bardsey Island Apple

Afal Trwyn Mochyn

Anglesey Pig Snout Apple

Afal Nant Gwrtheyrn

Nantgwrtheyrn Apple

Afal Diamond

Diamond Apple

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