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Swtan welcomes School visits, and can offer experiences and activities to suit all ages and abilities –

Nursery, Foundation Phase, KS1, KS2 and KS3. Children can visit the Thatched roof cottage, the various out buildings, the garden (and toilet!), and there is a special Classroom in the Red Barn that is dry and comfortable and ideal for teaching sessions and craft lessons - and it doubles up as a practical place in which to eat a packed lunch. There are also a number of picnic tables available in the grounds outside the cottage.

School Visits

During school visits, the children will experience life in Wales during the Victorian era – around the year 1900.

There will be opportunities to :

  • Visit the thatched roof cottage and wander around the rooms inside
  • Visit the different exhibitions – in the Red Barn, the Tool shed and the garden
  • Sit by the fire place – and learn about cooking on the open fire
  • Share Wash day experiences by using the wash-tub, mangle and dolly
  • Play with authentic Victorian toys
  • Dress up in Victorian clothes
  • Learn about the countryside crafts
  • Handle Victorian artefacts
  • Make different Victorian crafts

A full education service is offered, with an introduction by a qualified, experienced teacher.

This includes an information pack for teachers with worksheets and fact sheets.

Christmas in Swtan

Swtan will be open for School Visits for two weeks before Christmas, and the cottage will be decorated in a traditional Victorian theme. There will be opportunities to take part in Victorian activities, and a chance to make traditional Christmas crafts in the Red Barn. Christmas will be celebrated in a traditional 1900’s style, and the activities can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities.


There is a charge of £1 per pupil.

Opening times for schools

The Cottage is open to schools by appointment only.

Please contact :

Catherine Jones (School Liaison Officer)

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